a call to action

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a call to action

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:15 pm

My friends in Germany, Canada and around the planet earth. It is undeniable in todays world that we can use all the history and modern technologies given to us by the brilliant minds of the past to see that lots of accusations of terror, and murder in the name of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich are false.
We can also see that the very "Rootless international clique " of globalist jews that Germany once fought so valiantly against, have now in 2017 enslaved and controled not to mention emberassed the great European peoples and the world.

It is up to the people who can think soberly enough to not want this enslavement and imminent downfall and have the courage to do their DUTY to stand against this international terror to put up a fight and liberate the peoples of europe and the world from it.

Very few countries now in 2017 are without a central bank. If our fathers and grandfathers could have had a glimpse of what this "freedom" was that they died for in the two great wars before, then maybe they would have picked another side in 1939-45


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